Thursday, June 7, 2012

From the East to the West

안녕하세요! I'm so glad to finally be in Korea and relatively settled in. 
Thank you all for your prayers, support, and general interest in the trip! I hope that this blog will give you 
insight into the work that God is doing here. I can't truly describe to you how awesome
it is but I hope that I can give you a small glimpse of what life is like here for our friends from the North.
My american dinner.
 So for the past week we have been having orientation in Rainsville, Alabama. It has been interesting to say the least. Despite having your typical team training and your typical boring seminars we also had security checks. Security checks work like this. At the most inopportune time a group of gun wielding Alabamans (No not the entire population, just 6-10) run into a room firing blanks into the air getting everyone up into a frenzy. I thought this was hilarious. It was like extreme man hunt, or group hunt really. We had security check like 6 times and honestly I remember security checks more than any other event at orientation. Sad I know but true none the less.
Jessi, walking throught the "minefield"

Brook in the same mine field. 

Emilee, just being herself

Emilee, Jessica, Caitlin, Brooke

Jessica fleeing for her life during security training. I am a terrible man and friend. If this was legit I would have totally let her die, or get kidnapped, or worse...
 After the week of orientation (Did I mention It was from 6:30 - 10:00 every day? Sounds not to terrible but you know how everyone is really hyper and talkative and loud? So really it's like from 6-3 -.-) I depart for the 12 am. It was a sad trip. I wish I could have slept on the way to the airport, but sadly I could not.
Fun at the airport.
 Airport, TSA, Plane, Chicago, Plane....
My first meal to Tokyo :,(

My second meal. Look to the right, that made me smile. Orientation was not the most nutritious of weeks in my life.

My first glance at Japan

Japan air. 

Restaurant in Japan 

This food was actually really good. It was clams in miso, with rice balls stuffed with ginger and wrapped in nori. 

I was unaware that dinner would be provided to Seoul, It was actually really good. Presentation is everything.  
 After my flight I was picked up by Chul, who then took me to my apartment, which is visible from below.
Outside my apartment 
 After arriving to my apartment I was graciously greeted by the student at the school. Throughout orientation I was told that the students were going to be hostile and cold. It was the total opposite, I don't think I've ever been welcomed better somewhere. I got a killer back massage and an amazing bed, and tons of students clamoring for attention. It was the best, but at this point I had not slept for 40 + hours, legitimately. No joke. I couldn't sleep well on any of the plane rides. I slept so well that night, jet lag had nothing on me.

Day 2: Chong
So the bus for school comes directly to my house to pick us up. It is great. No problem. It takes about an hour from the apartment to school. The school is great! Breakfast is served everyday to the students as well as lunch and dinner. All of it is made in a very small kitchen by one woman named Grace, who is absolutely my favorite person here. The first day at school was interesting. We got to tango with the students, but we also got to explore the area. The area around us is filled with shops and whatnot. I think my favorite feature of the area was the grocery store clerks who wanted to get pictures with the Americans. That was pretty cool.
Outside of the School 

My class

The trash of America

Close to school 

More stuff

Stationary supply store. Ehh


This stuff

Burds in a cage!

Lunch. Lunch is awesome here, much better than American style, not only in taste but in 
nutrition. It's all fresh, made daily by Grace. Everyday. For 60+students. 

Familiar to anyone? By Southeast Pastor Kyle Idleman 

Christian Bookstore

Christians at the Bookstore

Hannah with her flowers.

Espresso in Seoul! 

The only crane claw game you can actually win. 

This stuff


Around School 

Restaurant Seoul

Melons of Water

Grocery Store

Grocery Store

Korean Grapes



Just ok


The Park At school 

 So today we explored around Achesong, which is where I am living. It is an awesome area filled with delicious food and tons of street vendors

 We got dinner at this place. It was delicious! We had duck with side dishes It was so good, the price for our feast. 33,000 Won. Which is 28 dollars...for 5 people. Crazy! And look at all the food we had.

 If the stir fry wasn't enough....We had soup after words that came with the meal. It was awesome.

 To be honest everything was not peachy keen after dinner. I walked back to my apartment and was literally right outside it...but I couldn't find the door. So I spent a few hours looking for the door over and over and over again until I caved in and called Chul and my dad at Paris Baguett and was walked home by one of the workers there. It was a fun experience. Seoul is super friendly and super safe. No lie. ! I made it. It was great. And I'am alive today writing to you. Hopefully you all enjoy this. Sorry we haven't had much spiritual development, but that will come in time. Grace and Peace!

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