Monday, June 18, 2012

Your Best Life Now

So today is Sunday, well actually it's Tuesday, but that's besidde the point. Y'all I'm so tired it's not even funny. These students are wearing me out. It's like. I come home from school, and sit down for 5 minutes. Then a student comes home and is like lets go to the park or lets go eat or lets wander around and it's great because I get to spend time with them, but then I come home form that and a different student is like hey... and then the whole cycle repeats itself. I sound terrible because my job here as a missionary is a lot less physically demanding that others who have gone, but it's a lot more emotionally demanding I feel like. Anyway today is not Tuesday in blog land it's Sunday. 

Achasan Mountain way in the back. I was just really happy that I could see it today. 
 Sunday we go to church as a team and we go to Jubilee church. It's a very interesting church, the people are very sincere and have an obvious love for the Lord, but it's definitely different from what I'm used to at home. I think the most unusual thing is when prayer is said the whole congregation prays aloud their own individual prayer. They also do this at the school. It's different, but not as different as some of you would think. We met together for lunch and had Pizza in a cone. I hate to say it...but it was not delicious
Jamsil Sports Stadium on the way to church

Sinsa, still on the way to church, church is like and hour away its not the best.
 We met together for lunch and had Pizza in a cone. I hate to say it...but it was not delicious the salad was good but the Pizza cone was so-so but it was cool to have not Korean food. 
A salad
A Small Cone of Pizza
 After lunch and church I was pretty anxious to head back home because I had a few activities planned to do with my friends/students today. I guess there was a disconnect somewhere because I came back to an empty house. It's really sad too, we were going to go to the river! But in the end it all worked out look! Jiho got me soup!

Bone Soup

On a serious note, I'm really concerned about one of my students, he's not making the wisest choices in life and it's difficult to know his motivation because he speaks very little English, but my Korean is getting better! not worse, despite popular belief. But I would ask for prayers for this student in particular and that language barriers will be removed so I can know how to pray for him better.
Grace and Peace

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