Sunday, June 10, 2012

토요일 (Saturday)

Today my roommates and my houseparent left for the day/days. Im not sure where they all went, but they are not here. So today is a perfect day to seem my friends from school. Today I met my friends Dowoun and Eunjin! They are amazing and it's so weird seeing them in Korea, their homeland.
I actually forgot to mention that I went for a run at the park today. It was an awesome park! I love running in Korea. It's so hot though! 

On my way to the subway

Still going

 I met my friends at Angok station near Insadong, the traditional shopping district for lunch, we went to a traditional Korean restaurant, or should I say a modern restaurant serving traditional Korean lunch food.

Inside the restaurant. In Korea I believe it's common for people to leave notes at the restaurant and it's really cool! 

My lunch! (from left to right) Kimchi, Rice, Egg, Kim, and Sausage. Spicy Crab soup on the far right! 

Miss Cafe ( Go here! it's great) 
 After dinner we went to a small tea house to get traditional Korean Style tea (Cha!)
Inside (That is tea in the large doors) 

On the right is Rice Tea, the middle is Citron tea, and the far right is Persimmon.

Rice puff, Rice Cake, and Honey and Flour Cake

Lemon Cittron

Write your message on the wall! 

Outside the Tea shop

Moon Bird Does Think of Only the Moon

Paintings of the Zodiac at Insadong. 

One of the Entrances to Insadong 
After lunch at Insadong we walked to Seoul Tower. Seoul Tower is amazing! It was really cloudy that day so visibility was low, but still spectacular none the less.
Old guy!

This was outside the Buddhist university! 

Buddhist Bell

Traditional House


On top of the mountain where Seoul Tower is

Notice the poor shoe choices

Korean Child!

Seoul Tower Courtyard

Lovers Locks

Eunjin and I locked our friendship together...forever

From Seoul Tower


Dawoun and I

More Locks

Seoul Tower



On Top!


Notice the name in the top left!

So I ordered in Korean, with the help of Dawoun, and well...(Eunjin said I said it right they guy was just stupid) the guy didn't understand me and all of a sudden these two ladies go "YOU ORDERED BANANANNANANAN! GOOD FOR YOU GOOD FOR US! CONGRATULATIONS! PEEL BANANA PEEL PEEL BANANA...and so on and so forth!"

This little girl was with all these old people. Purple pants tried to spank her, woman in visor gave her ice cream, blue shirt man also gave her some. She was just playing all the old people there.


Eunjin and I look the Same...Down not so much
After Seoul Tower Dawoun and I went to Myadong, famous for shopping, clothes that is. It's terribly crowded!

This is just caramel  pressed into a circle with a cool cut out. Cheap and really delicious! 

Dawoun and I had Monduk for dinenr! This place is famous for their Monduk and it's actually pretty cheap! No tips ever!
Monduk Place!

Monduk and Chopped Noodles and Kimchi, of course


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  1. So good to see you hanging out with Dawoun! I'm so glad I got to meet her before she left. Looks like you guys are having fun- and the food looks delicious. Loving the updates!!