Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Lot Of Beautiful People Are Not Smart

I'm so excited! So I asked the woman who owns the coffee shop next to us if she could teach me how to make delicious beverages and she agreed! So during my free time Saturday for about an hour she's going to teach me and then hopefully during my breaks when students are in class I can help her out some. This is actually a really great mission opportunity that I did not expect to have. She's not a believer and so I pray that I may be able to witness to her. But that wasn't the only thing cool to happen today, at least I don't think so. 
Lemon Tea. It's lemon and ginger and honey! 
 So today I'm not teaching again so I had some free time to spend with my house dad. He wanted to take me to Lotte Mart to get some food for our dorm and for an event that's being held at the school tomorrow. The Mart is really cool yall, like people are giving out free samples everywhere and they're all delicious and it's all like healthy food like, oh the meat is so delicious and this fruit is so delicious try try try!

Leaves from a tree



 Then they had black out training. Y'all it was not fun. It was really inconvenient and I hated it. But I mean I'm glad I was there when it happened
My camera eats any light and I swear it was really dark here! 

 Well we came back to school and did the bonding thing.
Then we took some of our students out for PotBingSuk which is like an upgraded snow cone. It's really good. We made a bad selection of flavors. Not bad in taste....but in principle, but we had a great time with the students and we think they had fun with us. I do have photo's....just not for you.

Later that night we went to Cafe Reineke which serve coffee and chocolate and is delicious.


Honey Bread and Teas


I went home, and went to sleep. I mean I talked to my room mates, but that was it.
Grace and Peace

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