Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Good Lord

Y'all life is rough. I swear it's very challenging here. Even though I feel like I'm doing really well connecting with the students and teachers I feel like I could be doing so much more, but it's really rough. Today I didn't teach so instead I called potential staff members for out camp at the end of the year. I also got to go play ping pong with my room mate, which was a good experience. I really appreciate him, he helps a lot with he language barrier stress.
Jessica making phone calls in English. Yes I have run out of things to take pictures of. 

The coffee shop next to our school has the best owner and the best coffee. 
 That's about it. I had a lot of quiet time today. It was great! I really needed it.

Koreans love to work out, especially the elder people
Maybe I'll throw in some interesting cultural facts:
     1# Korean guys are not afraid to hold your hand in public. It's a bit off putting at first but not totally crazy. It's not gay either it's just like ohh good friends.
     2# Koreans have a crazy aversion to feet. It's like to be born without is a blessing. Just kidding but seriously though I stepped into a pavilion and took my shoes off before and my feet where still dirty but i was like it's a pavilion and the old people were like hahahaha noo nooo gross ugh gross white people!
     3# Korean aging culture is amazing. It's almost like a pleasure to get old. All the people at the park working out during the day are at least 100 and they all use this equipment which would land and elderly person in American in the home. It's awesome. I'll creep for you because I know you want to.
Grace and Peace

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