Monday, June 18, 2012

Jesus Would Use A Jet

We're finally back on a normal schedule. I teach Monday and Wednesday and help out with whatever the rest of the week.
 Koreans don't really have a particular set of breakfast foods,it's all pretty much the same as the rest of the meals. I like this to an extent but I'm still a fan of fresh fruit and coffee, but that's the problem here. In Korea fruit is so expensive. It's like 20,000\ for a watermelon. I could have sworn I got one for less, but no it crazy expensive, but I've never had a bad watermelon here. They've all been like sugar babies and that's fine by me. I mean I guess you better have a great watermelon for 20,000\.

 Like I said earlier though, we are teaching today. I teach Vision class, it is the second highest class at the school and the English level in the class is passing, not great but they could live in America for a while and be okay. My teaching partner Stephanie came up with the lesson plan for today and it was really really good. She had it planned out to work with the topic of weather and to have conversations about the weather and it worked out really well. We switched halfway though because we realized that the students were distracted because they were studying for another English test and so we switched gears and stated to talk about the brain. The class is really great and really fun and generally receptive. There are about 7 students in it all from our northern neighbor.
 We were hungry, starving really after class so we went to the coffee shop down the road and split some potbingsou, green tea flavored delicious.
 But Jessica was not a fan of the red bean sauce on top, which is actually pretty good. Sweet and savory, but no she was not a fan.
Later that night Aaron and I went out for Manduk and had a good talk about some of the student and how we can better our ministry with them. There is a lot of junk going on around here in everyone's ministry here and it's taxing on us all.
Pray for strength of the team
Grace and Peace

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  1. TAKE ME BACK!... I'll even ear RED BEAN if I have to!!!