Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Monday, The first day

Today was my fisrt official day as a teacher at school. I fimally am doing what I came here to do. This morning started out like any other, except for a throbbing pain in my wrist from Kai Bai Bo, but that is beside the point.

Breakfast, actually no this is lunch woops I fogot to take a picture of it....but I think I wanted to forget it. Not that it was bad! I was just not ready for Kimchi in the early hours of the day.
 I am an English teacher for Vision Class at the school. Stephanie, another team member is also teaching with me. These students are preparing to take the test for their Korean GED equivalent. Their English is fairly good and understand a fair deal of what we are saying. Now these detail may bore you all so feel free to skip or just to look at pictures, which are not too great either. Stephanine and I came into clas not knowing what to do and it showed, bad. But fortunately only 3 of our students where there so we got names and hobbies and ages and the like. It was an easy taks but also difficult because I still have no idea on how to teach English to these kids!
  More about my job here. Our main purpose here is for the students, we are here for them. A lot of these students have had unimaginably hard lives up north and leaving from their home country hasn't been any easier for them. Because of this we are supposed to shower relentless love over them for the next 2 months and do everything we can to strenghten them spiritually if they are Christian and help those who are not come to a point where they may become one. It's actually very emotionally draining and we haven't even seen or heard the worse of it yet.
 Don't mistake me, these kids are awesome, fun, and loving. It's enjoyable to spend time with them, but partaking in their emotional burdons is not. It's especially difficult with the language barrier. My Korena is poor to say the least, hopefully it improves (it can't get worse).
My classroom. Stephanie is on the right.
 After class is out my main task is to bond with all the students. So I typically wander around the school looking for students to talk with and listen to. Today though my wandering was rewarded with this gem of Korea.
Janguk, Changuk
It was awesome listening to this and singing Arirang with the students, I also got to play! Later for quiet time I went to the coffee shop next to the school (there are 2!) this one was a bit better. It had and English menu! 

So at about 5 most of the students had gone home, so I planned on going home too, to be with my roommates. Well on the way out the door this elderly woman looks at me and is pointing and talking and I go up to her and just say Hello, How are you, and hahahhaha \. She grabs my umbrella, puts it back and takes me to the coffee shop and buys me a coffee. Apparnelty she thought that I had held the umbrella for her on a rainy day once...that was not me. It was my teammate Arron. It just goes to show you all white people look alike.
Grace and Peace

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