Monday, June 18, 2012

The Reincarnated Celestial Fairy

Were leaving Seoul today! The students and the team are going to the East to see the beach and the cave of the reincarnated celestial fairy/female angel. It is quite spectacular as you will soon see! 
On the way. 

She was riding next to us!

The Reincarnated Celestial Fairy 

 So we went to school, luggage packed and ready to go and have breakfast which I guess I forgot to photograph it and maybe for good reason but maybe I did. Anyway their wasnt enough room on the bus for all of us so some of us had to ride in the vans with the teachers and team members and well that ended up being everyone but Aaron, which is really upsetting because Im growing really close to my students who are now more like friends than students, but its not as bad as losing a leg or all your limbs so okay. It was a relatively short drive to get to the opposite end of the country, four hours. We stopped once too to get lunch.
Eating Location 

Bibimbap! and Banchan


 The drive was really pretty too. It was very mountainous and foggy and lacked nothing. When we got there it was a bit of a climb to the mountain, and a nice little tram ride too!

 The Cave of the Reincarnated Celestial Fairy/Angel does not disappoint. Its beautiful and huge and just stunning. As hard as I tried to stay with my students I could not keep up with their pace, it was like who can run through the cave the quickest, andI had bronchitis! Aint nobody got time for that! But I took a bit more time and enjoyed the cave and look proof is in the photos!

Virgin Marry

Dragon, all natural. 

After exiting the cave I was slung into a boxing match with my roommate Chulsong. Woohoo From the cave we went to rail bikes.


 From rail bikes to the hotel. During this who time Im really getting close to a lot of the students. I became really close to C during this time and D. These guys are awesome and  full of energy and are always a joy to be around. DH is actually going to Cambodia on a mission trip. C..not so much. But they are both awesome and its obvious with C that there is a lot of pain, I have absolutely no idea from what but I mean its just obvious. We had Korean Barbeque at the place which was probably the best that Ive ever had ever. It was healthy and delicious. The End.

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