Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Everyday a Friday" Joel Osteen

Sorry, there is no Joel Osteen on my blog. If you are disappointed with this I highly suggest a thorough reading of scripture. Any scripture. 
    Okay, so I feel like I forgot to mention my living arrangements. I live in an apartment with four students and one house parent. I sleep in a room with 2 students and 2 others share a different room. Jiho - my house dad - has his own room. My room mates are awesome to say the least. Jiho is also amazing, always wanting to practice his English with me and always wanting to hang out. I'm not sure if I can post pictures of them I wont. 

Breakfast at school: Kim, Bap, Kimchi, Soup, Something ans Something. Delicious.
 Today was another orientation day at the school. I wont start teaching class until Monday. So needless to say free time is plentiful (although we do get to bond with the students between classes every 50 minutes). Today we mainly hung around the school and the area around it. Not much really else to say about the school day. It was short and enjoyable.

Mori Coffee shop next to the school. 



At the park next to school. 

I think this is not significant, but I'll say it means love.  
I will explain. You take the lettuce leaf, fill it with rice, this stuffing thing beneath the rice, and whatever else you like. Wrap it up and eat it in a bite. It's delicious! 

These are worms. They look nasty. I want to eat one. 

Same worms!

These guys!

Squid! Nom. nom nom. 
 I'm really liking how fresh the seafood is here. It's also really cheap! Fruit however is not cheap! A watermelon here cost 20,000\. That's roughly 18$. Needless to say I will probably miss out on this summer joy.

My Secret Park
 My team leader Jessica and I needed some fresh air so we took a little walk, on the way back we came upon this really tall set of stairs and were like let's climb. And we were rewarded for our efforts.
Our secret spot. 

Look past this man and see the mountains surrounding Seoul. 

Mountains! 산(San) in Korean 

More secret park! Look at these trees they are as curvy as spaghetti. 
 So we were supposed to provide our own dinner tonight, so we walked down to this noodle and rice ball shop!
Udon with Fried Vegetables

Om nom nom. 

This girl!
 It is now the rainy season in Seoul which means you need and umbrella, so Jessica and I went to the stationary shop to pick out an umbrella and we came upon these socks, needless to say I own them all now.  (Jk)

 In Korea there are three types of Bangs that I know of, Naribang (Karaoke) PCbang (Computer Room) and Jimjimbang(Bathhouse) We went to Naribang. As a team. It was enjoyable. The group was not a fan of my musical choices. Morgan Pearson they have Motivation as a song choice!
Candy Shop!


After Naribang with the team I went to my apartment. As soon as I got there my room mates took me to Naribang again. This time it was 99% Korean. It was interesting and I think more fun than with my team (shhhhhhh secret)

All in all I did get some of my task accomplished! It's hard though because I'm at a loss as to what to do until school starts for me. If I could voice a prayer concern I need guidance from the Lord on how to best connect with the students here.
Grace and Peace

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