Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 20: San Gimignano

San Gimignano
Today is another day that we decided to leave our base in Florence and venture out into the rest of Tuscany. San Gimignano is a very tall hilly are, much like Siena. We drove there, naturally, and enjoyed looking around the Medieval city, which was very quaint. I can’t help but feel that we are hitting up every major tourist site because in the city they had some terrible souvenirs to get. 

Yes this is what I came to Italy for

3 dollars!!!! what a steal!

Well San Gimignano has a lot of tall towers and is very idk tall i guess, it’s different here, i would not like to live here, not one bit. Well we toured around the city and the Cathedral and we got some great cheese, but we realized there was not much to do here and so we decided to return to our beloved Florence, which was a relief to me because between you and me I’ve been a little under the weather today. After we waited around the hotel for a while Jan got a cal from one of his relatives who lives in Florence and so he decided to go to dinner with them tonight instead of us! How rude!! I’m kidding. Serious. So tonight my family and I dined together at a very good restaurant, where we had some extremely good pasta dishes. I had a gnochi with a mozzarella creme sauce, with eggplant and anchovies, it was very good to say the least, and the best place in Florence we have eaten at thus far. After dinner we walked around and decided to walk across the bridge to get back to our bus stop. On the bridge we ran into the same couple we saw at Cinque Terre! It’s a tiny world I swears! well we got back home and Jan soon came back to and the night ended rather uneventfully. Sorry a more relaxed day. 

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