Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ice Cream

Guys I do not know Korean, so today's plan was to by the end of the day have possession of a Korean book for Foreigners. 
Besides that I also had to teach today, but we have a book to go off of now which is great! It's actually really tough being a teacher, but I think t's even more difficult being a teacher without authority. I mean the worse I can do is beat the kids, but their actual teacher can affect their grades. -.- such is the life of the summer missionary. 
Teaching the class went well though, i think some of the students are becoming more interested in what we have to say and what we are doing. Although a few of the 7 slept during our class some. One of the students is great though she's always the first one to answer and her English is great, she definitely helps out a lot. 

Okay so there are ants al over the park in Korean and they were climbing all over my feet and I was really annoyed by it, but then I dropped some of my ice cream on the ground and they did not touch the stuff, I swear. I was so surprised that they kept eating me as opposed to the ice cream. It really got me thinking that I shouldn't be eating this if the ant's don't. I killed one of their own and they ate that instead of this ice cream!
 Well, I'm not learning Korean any faster. So the only option it the Jasil book store. The place is all underground and it's huge, I was really embarrassed to be that white guy taking pictures so I only got a few but y'all it really is really cool!

Everyone in Korea wears shoes. +

Lotte runs Korea, they own Korea
 Short story Short, I got the book and had a day.

Best advice ever.
I hope you all are enjoying my photo's and updates. Theirs actually a lot of cool stuff going on but I can't really write about it publicly. E-mail or Facebook me for more info!
Grace and Peace

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