Monday, June 18, 2012

Yi Yi 5,000 won

Last night was not my favorite sleep ever. In fact it was probably my least favorite sleep. It wasnt the fact that the hotel had no bed, but rather the fact that the mats they gave us only supported 2 people comfortably, so I was the 3rd of five and so I involuntarily slept in a crack. So really the floor. After I woke up though I had a good time. I went down to the beach. Which I learned was a military zone at night. 

 After breakfast we moved on to this beautiful building that has been around for a while. I mean a while. It was nice. Did i mention we are in groups? Our goal is to create a poem based on the beauty around us. My poem was great.

Not the most picturesque backdrop but an interesting one none the less

Some students. 

Rice patty 
 After our beautiful building tour we went to eat a local special, buckwheat noodles. You could have them either hot or cold and they are both equally delicious!

I went with cold.
 Afterwards we went to Place of Dark Bamboo which is the home of Yi Yi who is featured on the Korean 5,000 Won.

Yi Yi 


So one of the students went up to this couple with my camera and said can I take your picture and they were like no no no and then they were like okay.
After the Place of Dark Bamboo we went to the Beach and got lost in the sea with the kids. 
They know me all to well. 

Ice Cream and Cotton Candy. Take note of the minor fork. 
 Then we went to out hotel! Or should I say Resortele.

 And then we had dinner. Fish! Of course

So later we went back to the hotel and had Karaoke Night. Y'all I'm so excited because I know what happens later this week in bonding with my students. I mean I know whats up!
Fish Innards!
Grace and Peace!

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