Wednesday, June 27, 2012



Y'all I slept in today, but the good news is, so did all my roommates. So we took the public bus to school! Good thing my roommates know how to get to school. I'm being sarcastic, they took the wrong bus. I knew it was the wrong bus I just knew it and they were like no no no silly American Ryan no no. This is our bus.. that takes us 5k away from school! Whatever. But all was not lost because we found some plums hanging on a tree! Nom, nom, nom. 
School was normal, we taught today and well, that went well, however! We were missing a few students due to family illnesses.
After school I got to see my good friend Dawoun again! For dinner. Delicous!

Songpaga? to replinish our health 

After wards we walked around here a bit and that's life!

Monday, June 25, 2012


I was so confused today. I had no idea what was going on. My roommate was like come with me to home and church and I was fine with that....but it ended up being Taekwando/Jump roping competitio, which was great in a different way because I got to me my roommates little brother mother and father. 

And to eat delicious soup!

Water Skiing on the Han River

So today I went to the coffee shop to work with the owner and learned how to make coffee. She said I was really good and I believe every word of it haha. After this I had planned to go to Achasan Mountain with my room mates, but plans change and instead we went water skiing which was better because it was hot!

My Room Mate
Bridge over the River

The Koreans have it right! JK 

After hanging out with my roommate I went to meet some of my teammates at Insadong for tea and well exploration.

Tea Again

After tea we wandered around for a bit and took in what Insadong had to offer...which is a lot.

And finally more tea!