Sunday, June 17, 2012

Terrible Tuesday

 I definitely wrote about this day the day after it happened. I saved it to the computer, and now it is lost forever. So I will write it again. Hopefully my memory is good enough to recall the events of the day. I believe it started it rather normal, although Im pretty sure the night before we had Taekwando lessons, I think thats what my bruises are from
 I didnt teach today, I only teach Mondays and Wednesdays (I think), so I just sat in on a few classes and tried to bond with students in between classes. At the lunch hour we ate this.
Lunch! Pork, Salad, Rice, Kimchi, and Sprouts
 and played Joku with the students. If I hadnt already mentioned this Joku is a soccer volleyball hybrid. Its pretty cool! Not too easy though. I got to play with my roommate Chulsong, who is really cool. He's into Taekwando and is actually really good at it too. I'm not sure about his spiritual level though. I don't believe he is a believer, it's hard to say because the language barrier is very thick with him, but he's very sincere and a great guy who needs lots of love and prayers. After our Joku match we hung around school some more, visited with teachers and students and tried to encourage them as much as possible. 
1st Dinner: Zucchini, Kimchi, Rice, and that stuff

  My team mate Aaron wanted to return to our apartment after dinner, which was fine by me. Some students stay til around 8 because they have Chinese class, but really their is no reason for us to stay because we have no time to bond with them and all the teachers are ready to go home or have a lot of work to do. So we left.
A sadly familiar sight.
Lotte World Tower. It will be the tallest building in Seoul! It's being built by Lotte, a Korean company that has a monopoly on all the processed snack food in Korea. It's crazy. Everything is Lotte.

A rare clear day in Seoul

 Aaron is a fatty. He wasn't satisfied from our dinner at school and wanted something else after, something we got off our bus stop a little earlier to go down this magical street of magic and mystery in search of Katsu (Noodles).
Mystery Street!

Mystery Street



 After a bit of wandering we finally found a place that said Katsu! So we went in and being American we spoke very little to no Korean. We couldn't understand a word so we pointed to a pot that looked like noodles. It was not noodles.
Soy bean, Silk worm, and baby snail...salad too! 

We got this pot of sea creatures. It was really really good I promise! 

This is a musssskell! 
 Well...Aaron was quite annoyed that we didn't have noodles. I could care less at this point but low and behold after that huge pot of food we got noodles...with Octopus!

I made Aaron take this picture. He was so embarrassed to be with me it was the best! 
 The whole meal for both of us was only 23,000\. Wow so cheap in America it would have been like 40$ easy.
Mystery Street at night. 
 On the way home we went to a bakery to get our guys some delicious treats from the west.

Taro buns! 

 We took the wrong bus though and had to go the back way to our dorm. But the trip was not a total waste! Look at these crabs!
When I got back I got to spend some more time with my guys and talk to Jiho. We are going on a feild trip tomorrow so a lot of packing and laundry was done. No dryer though. Cliff hanger will my clothes get dry. Cliff reliever, no they will not. Pray that the students can understand us and that language barriers will crumble.
Grace and Peace


  1. Good stuff Ryan! Thanks for letting us know how to pray.

  2. LOL! I love the picture with the squid hanging out of your mouth.... Megan and I cracked up at that. Absolutely hilarious...