Friday, June 24, 2011

Day Fourteen; Rome, Spagna, Trevi

    Well after our wild adventure yesterday, we decide on a more thoroughly mapped out rout. We wanted to see the Trevi fountain and the Spanish steps and a few other notable places along the way. We began our journey at Campo dei Popolo.

The square here is spacious and houses some of Rome's most persistent sellers of absolute junk.

This guy came up and gave my mom three flowers and said gift for you just take it just, take it. It's a gift a gift for you! And mom wouldn't take any of it, but then the guy went to Dad and said the same thing so Dad took it. Well the guy then said give me something, and my Dad gave him a Euro, well that wasn't good enough so the guy took back two of his flowers. Crazy. Anyway after being tourists in the square we left for the large, shop crowded street headed towards the Spanish steps.

Well the Spanish steps are steps. HAhah they're actually really cool, but my favorite part about them is that people just get some lunch and chill out by the steps. I think Louisville needs some large steps where everyone can chill After climbing the Spanish steps we went inside the church which was just spectacular.

There are so many beggars in Rome. It seems that every street corner is home to one or two. And yet every street corner is home to a church or cathedral as well. It makes me wonder what the church in Rome is doing. It seems as though it's being overlooked. Just a thought. And I don't mean that in the annoying Glen Beck sort of way either. After the Spanish steps we wanted to see the Trevi fountain but not without getting some lunch first next to the Triton fountain. I had a smoked salmon sandwich, which was really good. After lunch we had to go find the Trevi fountain and we did. The Trevi fountain is huge, and lives up to its hype. Although it is extremely crowded (always) it's definitely worth a visit. You can actually drink the water from it too! Which of course I did because I'm on Vacation, in Rome.

Gelato is always needed after lunch and dinner and so we got some from the Gelateria next to the Trevi fountain, which was really good. The Gelato is almost never disappointing in Italy. It's the only constant, I think, in Rome other than the Coliseum. After the Trevi fountain we need to get to across the Tiber River to meet up with our hosts for dinner. Which was good. I think I had Ravioli. And afterwards some great Gelato was required. After that we headed home and rested for the rest of the night Shoot a lot more happened today than that but you're tired and I'm tired and it'll be a big mess lets just leave it at that.

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