Monday, June 13, 2011

Day Seven Venice to Pesaro

Up early…again but this time it’s ligit early, like 7 A.M early. Friday has never applied more to me than now “gotta stay fresh gotta have cereal” “fun, fun, think about fun” anyway it was a rough morning because of my stupidity. Well it wasn’t stupidity; it was more of a concern for how Elizabeth would return Mr. Darcy’s violent proclamations of love.  Anyway I got the traditional Venetian cold shower and packed to head out the door, after a bite to eat, which was much more satisfying than yesterday’s. This is me leaving Venice.

 We headed onto the bus to the airport and finally to our rental car. A bit of drama occurred between all that. Moving on, we planned on driving to Pesaro and so we did.

My Airline

 The Italian countryside is amazing, rolling hills everywhere and beautiful fields lining the sides of the road. It’s stunning.

But it’s nothing compared to Pesaro! Pesaro is a small city in the Marche region of Italy and is just what you imagined Italy would be like!

 Everything is really old, like the house we are staying in. It’s older than America, yet it’s probably nicer than 90% of American homes and very spacious, very different than what I had expected. Well we are here because of my Dad’s friend for school Cristiano. He’s a pretty cool guy and is describing someone as very Italian a compliment? because I mean it as one. Well  when we got here in Pesaro we were treated to a really good lunch, with the best Calamari I have ever had and some very delicious Italian I guess tortilla’s because that’s what they’re like but are like a hybrid between a taco and a tortilla, very good anyway. Well after lunch we came to Cristiano’s mother’s house, where we are staying and it’s amazing, like I said before. His mother only speaks Italian which is awesome because I’ve got to improve I am nowhere near where I would like to be with it. I understand her the best here, but still that’s not saying much. Anyway it’s a great learning experience and she’s really cool even though I can only understand 30-40% of what she’s saying.  Anyway today is my parent’s 20th anniversary and so we had to celebrate it! We went to a CASTLE to eat dinner. A castle.

 The food was great the view, amazing, and the company unbeatable… the wine was ok too haha! Really today was kinda slow but I believe that’s just the way things go in Italy. Everyone drives like the world is going to end but when we are planning on going somewhere apparently they have all the time in the world to get there, much like the South. I could get used to that. Anyway I’m tired and not to thrilled that I have no internet as of now so until tomorrow Ciao! Oh as I type this music from the very famous school here is quite audible form my room. This place is amazing

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