Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day Five: Stuttgart to Vinice

So I woke up this morning more tired than usual, and that's because I was staying up late to upload pictures to this silly thing and today Jan had to go to school because he's German, which did not help with the situation at all because he has to go at 7:40. Anyway I got up early and embraced my final delicious German breakfast for the last time, which included a more well known dish of hard boiled eggs. The day before Mrs. Rapp had promised me that we would go visit here local marketplace this mormning because I had never seeen it the few days I had been there and I really wanted to go to the bakery that most of our breads had come from. We left around 8:30 and traveled to the marketplace to search out said bakery and visit a few other local shops, which included a Turkish shop. I don't know why it seemed so odd to me it just was. Anyway we went to the bakery and gor some pretzels and other breads but there was drama in the making. We got the pretzels and other breads and traveled home. AND THAT'S where the drama begins, we said our good-byes to Mr. Rapp(apparently Rapp in Germany is like Smith in the US FYI) and left for the ari-port with Fatma (our most needed assistant driver) and Mrs. Rapp. We got to the airport and here is where the drama reaches it's climax! We left the breads at the Rapp's house! We were hungy the entire plane ride to Italy becasue of this error. Well we saddly left Mrs. Rapp at airport security (which i had to be pulled over at and thourghouly examined because i had metal buttons on my pants AWKWARD) and boarded the plane. The plane ride was decent enough, here are a few pictures.

The Alps from the Plane

Alps, still in the plane

My airline

There was a storm at Vinice airport and we had to fly around in circles for  awhile which was an absolute blast, the best part of the trip thus far. Well we landed and and got to the airport and I was getting really excited at this point because I was thinking about using my italian (whihc i now realize is very poor) but the only people I met at the airport were Asian, sorry i have no clue form where, Germans and English speakers. Ugh such disappointment and all the Italians in the Venician airport spoke English as well. After a while my family realized that we were not really in Venice and so we had to find means of transportation to the land of promise. So we opted for public transportation, which is insane and crazy and life threatening and sucks and it doesnt even take oyu all th eway there, it just takes you to the boat spot, which is a little better but not much at all. Really it's just as suckky as the bus. But anyway with Great difficulty we found the boat the we were supposed to take and got to our stop where our hotel was rumored to be. Did i mentionit was raining? It was raining angel sweat nad it was terrible. I could not snag a single picture. Well we went to the spot were everyone told us the hotel would be but it was not there at all. After asking around we finally found the hotel...desk and then had to walk back to some random ally up some stairs, with my rather large bags (now i realize that I have really overpacked) and got to our room. Our amiable guide game me the key and said this is your room.

My room, thanfully not the only one

Do you see this ^? To my horror I found one bed and at thsi point I was serriously debating coming to the point of tears or not. but to my great realief to the delima our guide gave my father another key to another room with another bed. PHEW! After we had rested out tired legs and spirit we decide to take on the city of Venice for and sight seeing. Most of the sights were closed becasue it was around 5 when we braved the city. Here is what we saw


View from my window

Me in Vinice, out of my window

Ca D'oro Tower

This is me in Venice on a bridge over a canal


Illegal Photo

Illegal photo 2

Another Canal

Ok so I know these people, they are all over Venice. People who like to be in a clichè Venice photo and so i satisfied their need of cliche photo with out them even knowing, in fact i did't even know.


More Grandness

In a busy tourist market place

Just something to look at

Thank goodness this man has somehting covering him, i believe this is where people make speaches of importance occasionally but i don't know im not Venician.
The bridge over the grand Canal

On the grand canal looking across it at somethings


We fell victem to a tourist restaraunt and were bombarded by high prices and ok food, not terrible but not great. Well I saw a sign that said  San Marco and so I demanded extreme comfort and we all traveld down to it and it was not a disappointment. The Cathedral was increadible absolutly amazing and the birds, everywher just craziness with the birds. But not one landed on because they knew i was not afraid to make a scene and quickly end their life.

San Marco

The only Venicians left

San Marco

Beautiful meand an not so beautifl backdrop

Well after that we got some better desert and went looking for information on boat tours. Well they were closed and I thought I found the best way back to our hotel down this little street in San Zaccaria, but that was not the case...and this was a cause of great stress to my mother as we wandered down narrow uninhabited streets and as the sun went down so did the happy levels in my mothers reserve tanks from an already full day. Well another fight and crisis averted we found our way back and made it to our hotel. I got ready for bed and was kinda wantiong to go out later....but that wasnt really an option because as soon as i fell into the bed I was out all like a lamp. Day five conquered! please be merciful with my speling and grammer this computer says everything is misspelled and i reall y dont care enough to fix it and I'm rushing. Arrivederla


  1. Icant post anything!!!!

  2. Ok it worked! Ryan i miss you and love your blog! Its like im actually there! Hope you have an amazing time in Italy and eat lots of gelato!!!!

  3. Oh this is Jenna btw

  4. Ryan,
    Love the blog! However, you are leaving out the most important parts- WHAT ARE YOU EATING??? This is critical info that I need to know! :-)
    Glad you all are having so much fun!

  5. This post brings back so many memories! We went to Venice with Mom and Dad. Dad actually got bird food and let the pigeons land all over him!!!!!!! I could never do that!!

    Looks like you're having a great time!! By the way, you should try viewing and rotating your pictures before uploading them so that I can stop turning my laptop sideways to look at your pictures :)