Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day Three, Hohenzollern, Tübingen

Okay day three, so after our now usual, overly delicious breakfast (which seems to get larger everyday) we departed for Hohenzollern Castle. It rests on top of a hill and is quite a climb to get to. But I think that everything in Stuttgart that is worth seeing is a climb. So I'm exiting the bus an climbing up the stairs and losing all my breath because I am really out of shape (but I'm not sure I have ever really been in shape) and I see this >

absolutely amazing! where in Louisville, Kentucky can I see something like this? Answer to self Versailles but that's a crap castle compared to this one. This one is old and It's fancy and it's everything a castle should be. From the castle you can really see the countryside. It's just amazing and whoever owns this place is a fool to let me come trod around inside of it. Well I toured around for a couple of hours and had a little picnic and really threes not much else to say. A Castle is just a really cool thing and here are some more pictures from it.
Looking up at the Castle

Some more Castel Outlook

Looking out from the tallest tier of the Castle

More Castle outlook shots

The Castle

The Castle interior

Me inside the castle taking a picture of me! Jan is walking away

Castle outlook

Caslte Outlook

I left the castle and wen to Tübingen, which is where Jan's mother grew up and is refereed to as a university town because of the well university that is there. It's a beautiful town,like all the towns in Germany that I've been to, with and exceptionally beautiful park. I think that if you go to the park in Germany you must either be in large group, like I was, or with a girl or guy with you because I really think that going to the park in Germany is just a way to either show off how popular you are or how lucky you are to not be single. Here's a picture of the town from the park and the river that surrounds it.
The Rmmer
The Town

After leaving the park to walk through the city I got to the market place and town square where the market was and a rather large band of traditional Germans playing their brass instruments. It was alright I mean they were loud and German, eh. picture of the town square kind of and it's town hall.


Town Hall

Drinking fountain...of course

 SO quickly losing interest in that I headed of to where the real action was, the Cathedral of Tubinger which was sadly being repaired on the outside and so i have no picture of it. but here's what thin inside looked like....

Cathedral Interior

After the Cathedral I left but not before I snagged this picture with the fam on top of the bridge overlooking the river and the park that it surrounds.

The Fam (it's small because it's not a flattering picture of us at all)

I traveled back home ate another amazing mean of Spatzle which is pronounce SCHPATZLER because it is a Schwabian dish. Sorry Lana and Jenna you were both wrong. I learned so much today but the most import thing I learned is that I cannot have more than a 1/4 a teaspoon of "Cherry Water"

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  1. My German tutor that I had before we went to Germany is American but went to school there in Tübingen. Cool to see pics of it. Everything looks gorgeous. Don't you love it?!