Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day Twelve, Roma (Vatican City)

Let me start out by saying that these have been type close to daily but internet limitations have left me stuck :\ sorry.
    Am I seriously here? This place that has been home to some of the most powerful men the world has ever known, and of course The Pope! Well yes! Of course I’m here! Where else would I be but Rome? This place is magnificent! There is absolutely no way that you could ever become bored in this city absolutely no way! It seems like every corner offers a little bit of history, a little bit of coffee, and definitely pizza. There is pizza everywhere. Anyway today we didn’t do much of that today we went to The Vatican. Yes THE Vatican, the smallest country in the world. You’ve heard of it right? It’s where that man the umm what’s his name um… oh yeah the Pope lives. Hahaha well today we decided to pay him a visit. Unfortunately one of our group members is feeling a little under the weather.  Ok I feel like this is going to be a mess so let me just start out plain and simple with the facts of the matter. Today we were dropped off in front of the entrance to the Vatican Museum.
Vatican Museum Entrance

We walked up the steps to see that the line was huge absolutely the longest line ever! Easily this line would have taken us three hours to get through. “Luckily” there are guided tours that can get you in, in like 15 minutes, and they’re guided so yay! Well dad didn’t bring enough cash with him to pay for our tour, so  the man who coaxed us over to himself to inform us of the tours was kind enough to take us to the place where we could pay with a card. I have to comment on this guy, as nice as he was to take us to the tour office, he was a real sleaze ball. I asked him “What do you like most about Rome” Expecting him to say like oh the nightlife or oh the history, since he was a tour guy or something. No, his favorite part about Rome was the abundance of loose women. And he prattles on and on about this and apparently I’m not giving him enough consent  for what he’s doing so he keeps going on and on worse and worse and I’m like, when will this end and finally it does after about 7 minutes of terrible conversation we arrived at the tour office and thankfully parted paths.  We got our tickets and met our “comical guide” (is it required when applying for a tour guide position to be incredibly cheesy? I think it is). Our guide was rather old and he kept asking us at every stop “You understand what I’m saying?” And I’m no I don’t understand why you  are still doing this when you obviously should be considering which retirement home is right for you right now instead of leading this tour. I kid, he was a nice enough guy and he gave a good tour.  The Vatican is holding on to some serious stuff, it seems like most of the important things in the world are kept under their watchful eye. 

After seeing the goods we went into the Sistine Chapel, which is beyond words. You need to be alone in there for an hour to take it all in. No pictures were allowed, and neither was talking. But I did both just for you my adoring fans! 

After the Chapel we went to Saint Peter’s Basilica and if you think that the sanctuary at South East is large, well you’ve never seen this. This thing is massive and you would need a couple of days to explore it and fully grasp it and its significance.

  I could spend all day in there, but I don’t have the time! Rome has so much to offer and I have so little time to accept her on all of them. So we left the Basilica and went to the exhibit on the late Pope John Paul II, which was really interesting and really well put together. ( The music in the background was really dramatic so you felt  good no matter what it was like.)   After all that we left the country of Vatican City and re-entered the country of Italy.

We headed down and walked around the area surrounding the Vatican. We had just crossed the bridge over to the Campo de’ Fiori to grab some lunch. We stopped at an outdoor restrain and had a “snack” lunch. I had Gnochi (which is pronounce No-Key) in a tomato sauce, which was quite good. The rest had Ravioli. We began to head back over the bridge to explore more of the Vatican area but we were missing one useless item, Dad’s pocket knife which was taken at the Vatican. Go figure. *Sigh* so we had to walk back up to the Vatican to retrieve it. Ha that’s not happening so instead I, my mother, and sister toured around a little more in the surrounding area.  With dad’s knife reclaimed it was time to find our way back home using the very irritating bus system. Ugh it took us a while but we made it back home. But not without seeing the Pope being rushed back into the Vatican via 20 cars.  When we arrived we only had to wailt a few minute before some delicious pizza came to us. This is not Pizza Hut or Dominoes and God forbid this is not little Caesars (although it sounds appropriate)  this is ligit Italian pizza. The box says is all. No Pizza no Party. Well we had a large selection to choose from and it was all delicious. Amen? Anyway I’m out of energy to type so until tomorrow!

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