Monday, June 13, 2011

Day Ten Pesaro (The Feast)

Breakfast, yum yum done ok next! We went to the beach again, but this time for a little longer. We were going to go on Cristiano’s sail boat but weather forbade us from doing so, even though it was really windy. So we headed to the beach, as i said before. We sat there for a while, and I mean a while. We really enjoyed the clear water today and the rocks that surround the beach which we found out are perfect for jumping off of. I have never jumped into the ocean or sea,  nor have I ever jumped into the ocean from the edge of a rock from the middle of the ocean.
I like this picture i thought it was good so wnjoy it because i do

 Well we were feeling a little burned and so headed on back to Cristiano’s for one more fantastic lunch. We finished and had what Cristiano claimed to be the best Cappuccino ever, his own specialty. I can’t say for sure if it was but it was pretty darn good. We left around 4 in order to go home and change before evening Mass. Vespers to Vespers! But I had a little down time and so I used the opportunity to get a few souvenirs. I came back home and we went to Cristiano’s to go to Mass. We were invited so that we could meet Cristiano’s Priest and friend Mario who was very lively haha well I think that since today was our last night here Cristiano’s mom had the whole family over and we had a large Italian feast, which also had a lot of Cin Cin! haha well the food amazing the family awesome and the environment unimaginably amazing. I am sad to see Pesaro go, but more than happy at the prospects of Rome!
For Jennifer: Our meal today is what I would consider traditional Italian, but I could very well be wrong! Our primi was maltotagliati (which means badly cut) pasta with a delicious sauce of tomatoes and cheese and Orange, strange but it made the dish. Followed by secundo which was a bread crumb encrusted baked vegetables, zucchini, eggplants, tomatoes, onion and chicken. Extremely well done by Cristiano's mother who worked all day on it. We had gelato for dessert and a chocolate torte. We also had a shot of Grappa, which was better than cherry water that's for sure. And a glass of local red and white wine, both being very haha. Lunch was also amazing with fresh chicken slow cooked in a pot with white wine olives olive oil, tomatoes, and rosemary and thyme.


  1. Jenn will love the food commentary! I loved it too!! Yummy!!

  2. Yum O! Thank you so much for the food review! I can just imagine how amazing that meal must have been. Mmmm! Thanks for sharing! :-)