Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day Eleven; Pesaro to Gubbio to Rome

Last day in Pesaro, it feels like I've hardly been here one! Ah everything here was amazing! The food, the wine, the people, the layout of the land, and of course the beach! It's perfection, Pesaro: Undiscovered Gem of Italy. Definitely planning my return to this amazing city,  but then again everywhere I've been has a definite return trip in the making. Like a really good movie. The title would probably be Europe II; Ryan Returns.Anyway after painstakingly saying our good-byes to our much loved host went to meet up with Cristiano and Simona for breakfast. Ok i never knew this but you can ONLY have Cappuccino in the morning with breakfast. NEVER at night can you have a cappuccino. Ok now that that's out of the way, we had a Delicious cappuccino with some very fine bread. But all great things must come to an end and ours came at 10. We left, hit the road and drove through the countryside. Now I thought the countryside on the way to Pesaro was beautiful, but it was nothing compared to this.
Ehh pictures

On the way to Rome

Niceties of the road

On the way to Rome we stopped by this really cool little town called Gubbio. It was basically a town that had evolved around some monasteries in the area. We had lunch there and got a little trinket. Not much drama occurred sadly. Well except for the ambulance that sped down the road, but that's not my drama. Here's the town.

After eating and looking we again embarked on our grand journey to The Eternal City, which also had incredible views. Driving in Italy is crazy! have i said that before? Maybe but it's insanity like the rules aren't really rules more like suggestions. Crazy.

This stuff is amazing, Like you get tea and nutella and crackers all in one box! It's great it's my absolute favorite.

Well blah blah blah we drove in the car and finally came to our host's home, which is also very large, especially for European standards. We relaxed here for a while and then headed down to downtown Rome for Pizza, which was good. Rome is indescribable it's incredible, it's way bigger than you ever imagined and instantly when you hit the city you know that the saying is true that "A life time in Rome is not enough time.
host home

After a little exploration we headed back home and well the end.

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