Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day Four Ulm

Today was taken at a very relaxed pace. Today is Sunday and in Germany it is the best day to travel and to sight see, but not to shop because everything except the bakeries and the restaurants are closed. I was tired and so was everyone else so we all slept in which was a welcomed treat. Again, I had the most amazing breakfast with the most welcomed addition of German pretzel, which really destroy American pretzels in comparison. I left the house around 11 and boarded the train to Ulm, which is home to Jan's older sister and the Ulm Cathedral! The train ride was not so bad considering it was an hour. I got to see the Schwabian forest which is almost exactly like the Black Forest and is just a beautiful. I also got to ride in a double decker train. Oh one comment about the public transportation system in Germany, It is amazing. Louisville's sucks all we have is the TARK but Germany has trains, buses, subways its very efficient. I got to Ulm at about 12:30 (just in time to hear the church bells) Another point about Germany, the church bells are always playing ever 15 minutes it seems. You would think it was annoying but really it is quite beautiful when you notice it, because 3/4 time you don't. It's just reassuring which is a funny way to describe it but that's the feeling i get from it. Anyway a quick walk through the shopping area of Ulm and I'm there standing in front of the amazing super huge house of God. This thing is increadible and it wasn't entirely finished until the 1800's! I rushed in that place guns a-blazing and WOW I was not disappointed, it was just amazing but look for yourself, I'll admit i think my pictures are not so great but it's ok cause i think my dads are a lot better.

Ulm Dome Cathedral
More Ulm Cathedral

Inside. It was built in the Gothic style. Not emo but you know

So I found this marking in the Cathedral with a little sign on it and I thought oh how cool! This is just like the Davinci Code, i need to find one on a sepulcher floor or something and find the Holy Grail and no. Not another marking like it anywhere, although i didn't look under the carpets. Oh well the adventure remains for another day of another explorer.
Stained Glass

More glass

And after I toured the interior I climbed up the 729 steps to the very top of the Cathedral which was well worth the climb! Mom and Haylee came but seeing as they are not really men they left it up to me  Jan and Dad. (Again everything worth doing in Stuttgart, is worth climbing). Here's the top!

Raw Raw Gargoyles
More Ulm
The top of the Cathedral. I have alot of pictues like this because I like the way it looks. It's very nice.
More Ulm but next to the Dabuer river which is a state border to Bavaria

Jan and Me (jan's making a funny face, me looking so good) oh dad's head too looking all sweaty

Back of the Ulm Cathedral

After the long climb up I was kinda thirsty, and so Mrs. Rapp said that we should get coffee and pastries, which was probably the best idea of the day, well not really an idea more of an amazing activity. Now I know you really care about what I got so I'll tell you. One of the best Espresso's I've ever had along with an Ice coffee, which is coffee and ice cream. As well as, because I'm huge, a large slice of chocolate cake. After all the calories I had intake I was more than ready for a stroll around the city. Here's just a few pf the pictures (it takes like 30 minutes to load these i swear it's so slow)

This man is kinda awsome.

i have no clue who this man is or what he is doing in my picture but i suggest that he leaves asap because he is making it very awkard. Seriously though i don't know hwo he is.

An ornate town hall, very fine

This very...cute....water way between house, isn't it what you think of when you think of Germany

The Sparrow in Ulm is like the Horse in Louisville, it's everywhere


I believe this was the original town hall? but who knows i'm not german.

After that we boarded the train back home where we've been spending our last night in Germany, which is terribly depressing because I really like this place, it's always nice weather, not like Louisville, everyone is friendly, kinda like Louisville but more so, and everything is in walking distance from your house, not like Louisville at all. All in all I'm giving Germany two thumbs and a toe! And there you have it! my daily updates that came all in one night. I had most the text typed up for them all but not any of the pictures which has taken me forever to complete. SO that's why it's taken so long, partly. Some it was because I was so tired but it's alright now I will go on and try to do this daily. It's a discipline, a very good one too.
I lik ehow the teeth are so happy to have their eyes sewn shut

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  1. I couldn't stop laughing at the picture with the random guy in it!! And the threaded teeth eyes are seriously creepy.

    You are making me miss German food...pretzels, the freshly bakes pastries, bread...mmmmmmm. Enjoy it while you're there!!