Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 15: Everything Else in Rome

Ok so the title here is a little deceiving. There is no way that you could ever see everything in Rome in four days. It’s impossible , not even a lifetime could get it done. Well today was stared out at Castle San Angelo, like from angles and demons, and although we didn’t get to see the crypts and secret lairs we did get to go to the very top for an amazing view of Rome. 
This is the Castle!

We're in front of it! (different day I know but still you needed it for reference!)

Inside with Granita!

Donatello's Michael 

Serious face in front of the Italians!

Vatican for the Castle on the side

The very famous angel statue on top

More of beautiful Roma

The Angel bridge

The coldest spot in the castle window looking at the Vatican

More inside the castle

Mother now, happy faces in front of the Italians
After some pointless wandering around the grounds of the castle it was yet again time to find lunch. But we went somewhere really good! I got something that was supposed to be Roman in origin, Beef rolls basically, with vegetables. Personally I think it was our best meal in Rome. But my parents differ from me here. After lunch we wandered some more to hit some more sights that we hadn’t seen yet. It was a lot of wandering and looking here are some photos of our travel through the city. Oh I forgot to mention I got a jacket but we were ripped off because we only speak English and very poor Italian. Fun fact: Ryan will be taking Italian in college.  
We arrived a little late to the market

But they were still selling crap

A perfectly normal Roman church
After this we toured around a few more churches and hidden gems of Rome and headed on back home. From here we went out to eat away from the city to a very good restaurant where we had various pastas.  Today was the last day in Rome and it feels as if we’ve only been here for one. Time goes by way to fast, especially in Europe. I’m missing the slow, easy feel of Pesaro. Florence, however, is calling us. A call that has to be answered tomorrow!

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