Thursday, July 12, 2012

Long time...

So I must admit that my blogging skills have declined, and for that I'm not sure if I should apologize or just continue to decline for your sake. A lot has happened since I last blogged, so great, some bad, but all of it has been good for growth, and not just the spiritual kind either. Our team has grown closer, I think...maybe, but one can never be certain of such things. On the surface though, the water seems to be tranquil, at least from my vantage point.
Life Goes On
Where we last left off though all was not calm in the land of the Morning Calm, everything seemed as if it was falling apart from the seams. The outcome of our ministry was looking rather bleak and the thought of returning home was a welcomed one. Although that sounds entirely selfish and ungrateful, things were becoming too much to hold to and the emotional weight was crushing as well as the physical exhaustion. It was just too much to withstand some days. So during a break I think I went absolutely insane and just made people come to the park with me to take pictures, not an utter failure, but not and absolute success! This also happened to be the fourth of July. So we had to celebrate somehow.

Our Cake, shared by 3 people. Gluttony at its finest. 
The Party Starting
The Party Growing
The Climax of said Party
Who Doesn't like a cliche sparkler picture? 
Roman Candles in the Park
(We got scolded by someone)
Praise the Lord though that Seoul is surrounded by mountain after beautiful mountain and the the paths in them are well established (Photo's to come someday) Some solace Achasan was just the remedy for exhaustion, and JimJilBang didn't hurt either! But I swear I was so happy to get away for a bit and to pray.

Well sometime is lost to me again, because laziness has a price and it is forgetfulness. I wish I knew what happened everyday, but all I know is that if is was crazy good I would remember.  Well We can pick up at Lotte World! Which was fun, and then we went to...disco jump....Which you must google!

Some of the leading laddies at the facility came with us. It was a real treat getting to bond with them and to get to know them better. :)

Either the next day or some time later we went to lunch with the coffee shop owner next to the school. She is absolutely amazing and is kinda like an unplanned for ministry opportunity. She's very friendly and is always taking pictures and editing them for us. She's great, she's also been teaching me the art of coffee making.

She even had her teacher come and teach me at the school! 

Dog for Dog Soup
We've been having EUC training too. It's not the most engaging activity, but it's really cool getting to know the staff and those who have a great big heart for the students and the country. They're really encouraging. I'm really excited for EUC it's like summer camp and we will be able to really witness to some hurting students. I've been lucky to have more spiritual conversations with some of my guys lately, which is great, It's so hard not to  be able to share with them because of language, but recently we have found ways around it.

Hmmm what else, well I went to the Olympic Park with Jessica and a Teacher. Which was really cool and big and nice! :)

And I got to see my friend again! She's the best and will actually be tutoring kids form the school, which as crazy as it sounds, may be the only reason why I was sent here, to get more people involved.

Ahh yesterday! I made lunch for the entire school which was very difficult and I never want to do it again...maybe. But I made vegetarian sandwiches with chicken. Oh but not alone I had a lot of help from teachers and teammates.

And that's that. I still feel so lazy. I mean I'm tired to write this. It's not easy. But God is faithful through his son Jesus Christ. He will sustain and provide for all our needs.

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