Thursday, July 19, 2012

Farewell School!

Today we had our farewells with the students. School is over for them but some of them will continue to come to school to study and prepare for what ever else they may have to do. It was a really emotional time for everyone, but it's not farewell yet because we will be reunited for one final week at the camp! 
We had an embarrassing dance prepared to preform in front of the students, and a few other things as well, but it was really a great time. There was poetry readings, singing and awards given out. All in all a memorable day. 
After all the awards and performances my room mate and I went to the river to hang out. It was really fun! 

 After I hung out with my room mate I went to meet my friend for dinner. Indian food is actually really popular in Korea, although someone told me it was more popular in America, I find it hard to believe because there are so many places here but okay.

Afterwards my room mate met me here and I thought we were going to go somewhere or something but instead he sent me home and went to hang out with his friend! I was very confused, but okay!

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