Thursday, July 19, 2012

Laziness Has a Price

My sister is so cute! Look at this owl that she painted!

 Today we had a dinner meeting with the teachers and I also had plans with some friends from my school today. Needless to say it was a hectic day! I was really glad to see my friends today though! We had a great time in Itaewon the foreigner area with a less than desirable reputation, but still is a great area to see in Seoul! Today was also the last day full day we had at the school though! :( It's sad to see the summer concluding, but it's also really exciting because EUC is coming here fast too! An I can't wait to see what Christ chooses to do there!   

Ttokbugi! but with cheese in the middle! It was the most american thing I've had and it was really delicious! 

KimchiJon! Delicious!

My Friends!

Cool Building I spose!

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