Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day Sixteen: Rome to Florence

Up “early” again. After saying our goodbye’s to our gracious host family we hit the road and traveled speedily to Florence. No stops were made. 

We got there at like 1 and met Jan, who had been there since 7. After throwing our bags in the rooms we headed out for lunch. We had a pretty good pizza in a nice place, recommended by trip adviser! And after that we traveled to one of the oldest churches in Florence, I believe it was Medici owned or paid for.  There were no pictures allowed but as you guessed for my amazing fans I pulled some strings and got a few…

…Great right? Anyway after this we traveled down the market and got back to our car, which we had parked in a garage because Florence offers absolutely no parking space ever. After we had gotten the car we came back home to freshen up before going out again. After driving around Florence we came up to the most beautiful spot in Florence, which is called Piazza Michelangelo, were you can see the entire city, while buying knock-off handbags and sunglasses. 

It’s spectacular. We of course we were “famished” and so we had to go grab some dinner, which took longer than usual because nowhere seemed to satisfy our tourist tastes. Well after a while we found somewhere and ate some pasta and yeah that’s Florence for you. I like the city alright, but Rome was better. At least Jan’s here, so there’s some diversity to the family now haha and someone else below 40 and above 11. He’s a cool guy. Until tomorrow.

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